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The Champions of Russian America are being chosen on Rambler; The shortlist includes famous athletes, stars of entertainment and culture as well as young politicians and business people

The shortlist includes famous athletes, stars of entertainment and culture as well as young Russian-American politicians and business people.

New York, 16th of February 2007/ The first national contest “People of the Year- Russian America” is underway in the United States with much success. The contest is a branch of the “People of the Year” contest held by Rambler. Based on voting results a shortlist of nominees in 10 categories has been compiled.

The “People of the Year- Russian America” shortlist is based on votes collected in association with the project. The voting results showed that the relationship between Russia and the U.S. has grown stronger- the list of candidates includes residents of Russia who have influenced the lives of the Russian speaking community living in the U.S.

The list of nominees is diverse and includes poet Evgeny Evtushenko, the CEO of “Channel One” Konstantin Ernst, member of the New York State Assembly Alex Brook-Krasny, the Consul General of Russia in New York Sergei Garmonin. Also in the shortlist are the star of ballet Mikhail Baryshnikov, TV personality Andrei Malahov, athlete Maria Sharapova, and others.

The election of the champions of Russian America is taking place within the framework of Rambler’s regional project “Rambler-New York”, which was created for Russian speaking residents of North America in the spring of 2006. Internet users will choose one of three candidates in each of the ten categories.

Rambler’s project “People of the Year- Russian America 2006” is the first to recognize those, who, in the opinion of the Russian-speaking community living in the U.S., have contributed the most to the cultural, business, political and technological development of the United States. The online poll will also name those, who have made the most notable contribution to the development of Russian-American relations and who take a most active role in the life of the Russian-speaking immigrants in North America. By Rambler’s estimation, one in two Russian-speaking residents of the United States and Canada will participate in the on-line poll. The finalists will be announced at a formal awards ceremony held in New York.

The finalist with the majority of votes will be declared winner of the “People of the Year- Russian America 2006” contest. The winner is then automatically entered as a finalist in the “Russian America” category in the “People of the Year” project. The winner of the American online poll will be invited to come to Moscow and take part in the ceremony awarding those who were voted finalists by residents of Russia.

Every year the “People of the Year” project selects the most well-known and well-liked people in Russia. To date, this is the only poll in Russia where Russian-speaking internet users individually nominate celebrated people to become candidates for the title of the most successful person of the year in one of a number of categories. Past winners include Vladimir Putin, Oleg Tabakov, Vladimir Soloviev, Sergey Brin.

“Rambler is the portal for all Russian speakers in the world,” says Svetlana Maximova, marketing director of Rambler Media, “We view our mission to be the bringing together of Russians in the development of informational, cultural and interpersonal connections using the internet.The ‘People of the Year- Russian America 2006’ contest, like the ‘Rambler-New York’ project, is a way to unite people with the same cultural traditions who live on different continents, as well as a chance to create an accessible space where they can communicate and exchange information”.

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