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The online New York guide is launched by Rambler on Christmas

December 25, 2006 – Rambler-New York launched the new online guide to New York City, one of the most interesting cities in the world. The guide has been written specifically for the Russian-speaking readers. It features several useful sections, such as “Packing”, where readers can find helpful information of getting a US visa, seasonal characteristics, a must-take-with-you things and etc. “Arrival” section talks about how to rent a space in New York or how to get to the city from the airport. Readers can also find information on tipping and instructions on where to buy inexpensive smokes in the most non-smoking city in the US. The guide also features extensive listings of hotels, restaurants, as well as a large shopping section, walking tours, history of New York and very detailed information on its neighborhoods, from Battery Park to Harlem.

The New York guide provides many interactive features, such as forum, commenting, discussions and etc. The users will be able to comment on guide’s content and improve it on the spot. Thanks to the Rambler visitors, the guide is being constantly improving.

The guide is produced by Press Release Group.

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