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Americans Celebrated New Year the Russian Style, Listening to the Kremlin Bells.

Channel One Russia and DirectTV, its US satellite carrier, prepared a real New Year present for the US audience. More than 50 million DirectTV subscribers received access to a special free channel which started broadcasting at 11PM on December 31st, 2005. This channel broadcasted a traditional New Year programming of Channel One Russia. Five minutes prior to the Kremlin bells announced the beginning of a new year, Russian president Vladimir Putin addressed the public and whished them well in the New Year.

“New Year is the season when miracles happen” – says Alexey Efimov, director of Channel One Russia’s international department. “Channel One and DirectTV tried to surprise the American audience. For the first time in the US there was a New Year’s eve the Russian style”. – adds Efimov.

DirectTV and Channel One Russia have partnered in December of 2005. Soon after moving onto the DirectTV platform, Channel One Russia successfully launched “The Russian project”, a set of new Russian channels. Channel One Russia and its media partners aim to increase their presence in the US market and believe that unique and exclusive projects like the New Year’s Eve the Russian Style will gain support and loyalty of the audience.

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