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For the first time Advertising space in the Russian-American media is being sold on EBay.

Press Release Group / / October 29, 2005 - Ya-magazine, Brooklyn-based bi-weekly Russian-language publication, utilizes popularity of the EBay online auction to sell its advertising space. According to EBay, this is the first time when advertising in the Russian-American publication is up for auction. The starting bid for the full page ad is $9.99. At press time, there was one bidder for one of the two pages listed by the publishers.

In its posting on EBay, Ya-magazine writes: If you are a very ambitious individual, or may be you need to provide the proof of the publication of your [project], this is the best chance of yours. Donít worry that the rest of the content in magazine is in foreign language; it helps to concentrate at your stuff.

Russian-American market, which accounts for some 1.5 million people and approximately 9% of consumer spending in the New York Metropolitan area, has been slow to attract main-stream American advertisers. Inventive ways to reach out the advertising community might help the community to increase awareness of the opportunity the Russian-American market presents.

To view the listing on EBay:

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