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June, 18, 2008

Leonid Reiman, Chairman of Russian Industrial Leaders Index and Michael Oxley, Vice-Chairman of NASDAQ: Russia's Investment Attractiveness Will Increase Once Anti-Corruption Legislation is Passed by R

June, 18, 2008

Russia! magazine Presents Summer Issue, out JUne 5, 2008

March, 5, 2008

Moscow’s Most Controversial Artwork Reaches New York

December, 1, 2007

Leonid Reiman, Telecommunications Minister of Russian Federation to become the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the RUXX Index

November, 14, 2007

Russia! Magazine Presents Actor Viggo Mortensen With ‘Best Russian Accent' Award

September, 27, 2007

Russian Avantgarde Foundation: Russian Senator Sergey Gordeyev Steps up to Preserve Moscow’s Cultural and Architectural Vanguard Legacy

September, 27, 2007

Russia! Magazine Brings the Old Soviet Design Hit Back to Life

September, 13, 2007

Soviet Avant-garde at MoMA: Lost Vanguard: Soviet Modernist Architecture, 1922-32 Explores A Missing Chapter Of Modern Architectural History

May, 17, 2007

Invitation to Rambler’s People of the Year Cocktail Party

April, 3, 2007

Media Alert: Russia! Magazine Press Conference to be held at the Consulate General of Russian Federation in New York on April 9

February, 16, 2007

The Champions of Russian America are being chosen on Rambler; The shortlist includes famous athletes, stars of entertainment and culture as well as young politicians and business people

February, 14, 2007

Russia! magazine is introduced to the US readers

December, 29, 2006

The online New York guide is launched by Rambler on Christmas

November, 15, 2006

Davidzon Weekly, A Russian-Lanaguage Newspaper is to be Released By Davidzon Media, a Leader in the Russian-American Media.

November, 15, 2006, the leading Russian web portal, adds Restaurant Guide to the Rambler–New York site, offering the Russian-American population an opportunity to navigate the complex restaurant scene.

October, 27, 2006

Russia! magazine, an English-language 132-page publication about Russia, is set to launch in the US, with the premier issue due to the bookstores on December 1, 2006

September, 3, 2006

Ilya Merenzon, director of Press Release Group, takes part in the Investment Relations round table at the RIA Novosti press center in Moscow.

September, 3, 2006

Russian-American People of the Year by Rambler was launched on August 1, 2006

June, 26, 2006

Russian-American Advertising Association opens a free employment service for the Russian advertising and media industry in the US

April, 28, 2006

Gateway to New York: Rambler unveils Rambler New York, an internet portal tailored specifically for the Russian-American community.

April, 25, 2006

Index RUXX which is developed by Press Release Group and RIA Novosti, is introduced on the NYSE by Alexey Kudrin, the Minister of Finance of Russia

April, 25, 2006

Russian and US Media discuss the Russian Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin’s visit to the NYSE and introduction of the RUXX Index, developed by Press Release Group and RIA Novosti.

April, 20, 2006

Media Advisory: Alexey Kudrin, the Minister of Finance of Russia to visit the NYSE and meet with NYSE's President and RUXX Index Board

April, 16, 2006

Press Release Group, along with NYSE and Emerging Portfolio Fund Research discusses the investment attractiveness of Russian economy during the RIA Novosti Online Conference.

April, 13, 2006

Court Denies Argumenty I Fakty's Motion to Unfreeze Assets, Asks Defendants To "Produce a Cancelled Check"

April, 10, 2006

New York Court Freezes Accounts Of The Major Russian Newspapers Argumenty I Fakty And Komsomolskaya Pravda in the USA

March, 19, 2006

Women’s day, the 8th of March is celebrated by the Russian-Americans, Press Release Group research shows.

February, 16, 2006

RUXX – New index of investment attractiveness of Russian companies on foreign markets. Launch and first results.

January, 3, 2006

Americans Celebrated New Year the Russian Style, Listening to the Kremlin Bells.

November, 22, 2005

Press Release Group completes the US-wide research of the Russian-American media consumption patterns. New additions – South Florida, Greater Boston Area.

October, 29, 2005

For the first time Advertising space in the Russian-American media is being sold on EBay.

October, 26, 2005

360,000 Russian-speakers with the average household income of $59,000 reside in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area, a new study of the Russian-Americans Media Consumption- LA shows.

October, 20, 2005

Second Edition of the popular Russian-language New York Restaurant Guide set to be published in January 2006. Advertisers are invited to participate.

October, 19, 2005

Media Advisory: Markscheider Kunst and 5’Nizza begin their Muzika Without Borders/ 2005 North American Tour December 2-12, 2005.

October, 6, 2005

Two Russian-language radio stations in Boston compete for listeners’ loyalty. The story brings attention of American media.

September, 22, 2005

Press Release Group’s site visitors can now find out exactly how many Russian-American households live in the curtain area by entering a ZIP code.

September, 17, 2005

A major report on the Russian Media in new York, Study of the Audience of the Russian-language Mass Media – 2005, is published by Press Release Group.

September, 10, 2005

Russian-speaking Americans are dissatisfied with President Bush’s Performance, Press Release Group Study Shows.

July, 29, 2005

What American companies think of Russian consumers? Wealthy, brand-conscious, rarely shop alone.

July, 29, 2005

Russian Television is frequently quoted by American Media, Press Release Group media monitoring shows.
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