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A major report on the Russian Media in new York, Study of the Audience of the Russian-language Mass Media 2005, is published by Press Release Group.

Study of the Audience of the Russian-language Mass Media - 2005 is a periodic report published by Press Release Group. This research project was first launched in 2003 and since then it became the official source of information on the Russian-language media. Data provided by the report is used by advertising agencies, companies and media companies for media planning and buying, calculation of advertising contacts, and public relations campaigns targeting 1.5 million Russian-speakers residing in the New York Metropolitan area. In addition to the New York Media report, Press Release Group publishes reports on Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago.

Study of the Audience of the Russian-language Mass Media 2005 is a 32-pag report, which provides full demographic information of the Russian-American population of the New York Metropolitan area, including size of the population, age and income profile, data on personal and household income, household size, credit card usage and other information.

Report also provides comprehensive data on all Russian-language Mass Media, including four radio stations, 27 newspapers and magazines and five television stations. This data includes reach, share and size of the audience of each media, and also audience structure details, including income groups, age groups, sex profile, daily, weekly and monthly ratings and other information.

Data for this Report was collected by questionnaires, distributed through the Press Release Group network of participating locations in the area. Also, telephone and Internet interviews were used to collect data. Sample size is 3640, which gives the margin of error 4 percentage points.

Details: 32 pages, including 37 figures and 18 tables.
The study includes data on 26 major newspapers and magazines, 4 radio stations and 5 television channels.

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